‘Halliwick Swimming for Disabled People’

Halliwick Swimming for Disabled People is an important reference book for anyone who wishes to teach swimming.  Its special emphasis is on instruction regardless of a swimmer’s level of disability as it stresses ability in the water rather than disability on dry land.

Swimming is an enjoyable form of exercise for everyone – that is the starting point for the Halliwick Concept explained here.  Using this concept instructors can encourage their swimmers to experience the enormous sense of satisfaction and freedom that stems from a greater independence in the water.

Halliwick AST has played a vital role in extending the teaching of swimming to all.

Topics covered in the book include …

  1. The Ten Point Programme
  2. Adjustment to Water
  3. Breath Control
  4. Entries, Exits and Supporting Swimmers in the Water
  5. Rotations
  6. Upthrust
  7. Balance in Stillness
  8. Moment Through Water
  9. Effects of Water
  10. Teaching in the Water
  11. Games/Activities and Group Work
  12. Progress of the Swimmer
  13. People with Disabilities
  14. Assisting at the Pool
  15. Safety
  16. Instructor/Helper Training

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