The following is a synopsis of it’s contents

I look forward to meeting many of you at this year’s Annual General Meeting on Sunday – 27th April starting promptly at 11.00 am at the new venue – Barton Community Centre, Underhill Circus, Headington, Oxford OX3 9LS which is very close to last year’s AGM venue at Barton Leisure Centre.

See page 2  for Dates for your Diary – 2014, an article about Regional Gala medals and an important article about  PPL regarding the playing of recorded music at Club Swim sessions.  See page 3  for an article on Transit seats etc

and finally page 4 for Halliwick  Training Courses in 2014  & pages 5 to 7 for Order Forms updated January 2014

Disappointedly, there have been no offers of help following the appeal letter to you from Eric Dilley, our pro-tem Secretary, enclosed with last November’s Newsletter, so the letter is being also sent out again with THIS Newsletter, as an insert.

The pre-Christmas offer in last November’s Newsletter, of the chance to buy our text book “Halliwick Swimming for Disabled People” at the reduced price of £5 plus P&P has now ended and the cost has reverted £10 plus P&P.

As I keep repeating, the ‘Halliwick AST Newsletter’ is the main way in which  we communicate with ALL Clubs & their members, Halliwick ASTRAs and individually affiliated persons.  I would urge all clubs to copy and circulate our Newsletter to all their members. To this end, we are sending 5 copies of this Newsletter to clubs.

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Attached to this Newsletter is again a plea for more volunteers from Eric Dilley, pro-tem Secretary

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