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The Halliwick Concept is a way of teaching anyone to swim. It was developed in the UK in 1949 specifically for teaching disabled people to swim and is now used in many countries in the world both for teaching swimming and for therapy. For more details about the Halliwick Concept see the paragraph below. The Halliwick Association of Swimming Therapy (Halliwick AST) is the UK association that promotes Halliwick and organises courses both in the UK and internationally and has developed numerous Publications and DVDs about Halliwick.

‘The Halliwick Concept 2010’ is a paper written by the Education and Research Committee of the International Halliwick Association (IHA). This paper has sections on the philosophy of Halliwick; an explanation (with diagrams) of the Ten Point Programme, (‘the structured learning process through which a person with no experience in water can progress towards independence in the water.’); an explanation of how Halliwick can be used for Therapy (with reference to the World Health Organisation’s International Classification of Functioning Disability and Health (ICF) – WHO 2001; and a link to the History of Halliwick.
This paper is now supported by video clips.