‘Halliwick Live’ – a 1-day member’s conference and event

We are looking to organise ‘Halliwick Live’, probably in Central London on Saturday, June 24th (subject to survey responses).

The event is primarily for Halliwick swimming club chief instructions (or equivalent) and ts aims are to give you, our members, the opportunity to meet one another, share best practice around the running of a Halliwick Club, receive updates and share concerns.

Reasonable travel to the event for 2 members (Chief Instructor + 1) will be covered and the event will be held at an accessible and central venue near public transport/with parking.

In order to ensure that the day is successful and, more importantly, useful for you, we would be grateful if you could take the time to complete a short survey either online here, or by downloading a Word version of the survey here and emailing the completed survey here.

We very much look forward to your feedback!