In relation to the Halliwick AST Blue Proficiency Badge, the criteria for the item on ‘Submerge vertically feet first’ (which can be found in ‘Teaching and Testing Halliwick AST Proficiency Badges’ – page 12 – Part 2) has been changed to the following:

“Submerge vertically feet first, until the water is 0.5 metres above the swimmer’s head. Rise to the surface and maintain a vertical position, without touching the bottom, for 2 minutes or more.

It is essential that the depth of water is sufficient to perform this part of the test. Arms above the head may help in the initial descent. There should be no push-up off the bottom. If the arms are used to help the descent they will need to be brought to the side while ascending but must not be used to propel to the surface. On reaching the surface the arms may be stretched into a ‘T’ position, if needed, to maintain the safe-breathing position. Safe breathing in the suspended position is essential and can be maintained if the head position is correctly controlled.  Slight adjustments to the head position are acceptable.

A jump from the poolside, to ensure a descent to 0.5 metres above the swimmer’s head, would be acceptable.”

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