In 1949, Southgate Seals Swimming Club in London promoted a swimming gala for a local charity. 6 disabled girls were invited to attend to watch. James McMillan, (aka “Mac”), as club coach, organised the gala.

While discussing the gala on the bus home (no car then!), Mac asked how the girls enjoyed it. The overwhelming response from the girls was … If only we could get in there and do that!

Mac was quiet for a long while, (which did not often happen), and then he said, quite suddenly, … Why not?

Since that feteful day, Halliwick grew throughout the UK and then throughout the world, leading to Halliwick associations and Halliwick practitioners in many countries and ultimately, the formation of the International Halliwick Association (you can visit their website here).

We are proud of the insight and work of James (“Mac”) and Phyl McMillan all those years ago and are just as proud to see that Halliwick continues to thrive today.

There are lots of ways you can get involved with Halliwick so take a look around our website.  If you want to read more about the history of Halliwick then click our logo opposite/below …