Update, March 2020 ...

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

We know that you may be concerned about Coronavirus (Covid-19) which has been very much in the news. Here is a notice that you might want to use as the basis of an update to your club/group members (amended as you think appropriate for your particular club/group):

Coronavirus and Club/Group Sessions

Many of you will be concerned about the current situation concerning respiratory illness caused by the novel coronavirus (Covid-19).  We want to act responsibly so as to best protect our members/users and we continue to monitor advice from Public Health England regarding public gatherings/social distancing.

Guidance at the moment is to largely carry on as normal (being sure to regularly wash our hands) and official guidance can be found at https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/.  On the basis of current guidance, for the moment, we are continuing to hold our usual club/group sessions.

That said, if:

  1. you have any respiratory symptoms (coughing, shortness of breath or a fever);
  2. you are in a vulnerable category; or
  3. you have recently travelled from abroad, then you should follow NHS/government advice and not attend sessions if that is appropriate for you/the person you are responsible for.

If you do feel that you or the person you are responsible for is vulnerable, or you feel anxious about attending club/group sessions at the moment, we would quite understand if you decided not to attend for the time being.  If your decision is not to attend for the moment, or if you are self-isolating and will not be attending, perhaps you would drop us a line so that we know not to expect you.

Halliwick Event, London, 16/05/2020

In our February 2020 newsletter, we advertised this event.

It is with regret and after careful thought that, given the current uncertainty concerning coronavirus (Covid-19), we have decided to postpone the planned event. There will be no event therefore on 16/05/2020.

We plan to schedule an event at a later date when things are more certain and details will be advertised as soon as this is possible.

We apologise for any disappointment or inconvenience.

Download the above as a PDF Update here