Congratulations, Chris! ...

We had great pleasure in presenting (virtually of course!) Chris Economides, of Halliwick ASTRA 15 (Wales), with a certificate of distinguished service as a token of our thanks for all that he has done for his Halliwick region and clubs within it.

Chris is the regional chair of Halliwick ASTRA 15 and he has gone ‘above and beyond’ to make sure all clubs within his region have been able to keep in touch over this last year-or-more, even running a ‘virtual gala’! He has also kept everyone up-to-date in the region regarding guidelines for returning to swimming. He is a great inspiration and support to swimmers and volunteers alike.

Whilst just a token of appreciation, we know that that appreciation is not only from us in Halliwick AST, but also from all within Halliwick ASTRA 15. People like Chris make regions and clubs what they are.

Thank you, Chris, from everyone!

Chris Economides with Award