Aquatic Activity and Swimming for Health – Understanding the Health and Wellbeing Benefits of Aquatic Activity

Swim England, with support from NHS England, the Aquatic Therapy Association of Chartered Physiotherapists and the University of Nottingham, has developed a new e-learning programme on the unique health benefits of aquatics and swimming.

It is primarily aimed at healthcare professionals of all types who may have an influence on an individual’s decision to be active, including social prescribing link workers and leisure professionals.

However, it includes summary information on barriers to entering a pool and to benefits and effects of water for many long-term conditions. It also raises awareness of the benefits of aquatic activity on health and wellbeing and aims to enhance learners’ confidence in identifying people who would benefit most. It may therefore be a useful tool for Halliwick practitioners. It does not have much on disability swimming, but Halliwick swimming clubs and the Halliwick Concept do get a mention!

The e-learning comprises a 20-minute session which is free. It is now available to all UK email addresses and can be accessed by following the link below. Unfortunately, it is only available within the UK with a UK email address.

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