Congratulations, Dawn! ...

Congratulations to Dawn Moore, who has been awarded a Certificate of Distinguished Service by Halliwick AST. 

Dawn has been volunteering for her Halliwick swimming club (Rhondda Polar Bears DSC) since 2006 and she works tirelessly as the club’s Vice Chairman and Gala Coach. Dawn is also Vice Chairman of Halliwick ASTRA 15 (Wales). As part of that, within her region, Dawn visits all the region’s affiliated clubs to see how they are doing, offering support if needed. That includes helping other clubs’ swimmers in learning the Halliwick Concept and teaching swimmers badge skills, awarding badges to successful swimmers. In 2022, Dawn was appointed as Assistant Course Registrar and Assistant Course Secretary for Halliwick AST. Dawn has also hosted several Halliwick Foundation and Advanced Courses, and is herself now a Halliwick Trainee Lecturer, working towards becoming a qualified Halliwick Lecturer so that she can deliver Halliwick AST courses. Dawn has also assisted in delivering five One-Day Halliwick Introductory Workshops in various SEND schools all over the UK.

Dawn’s commitment and devotion to Halliwick swimming is obvious, and the award is just a small token of not only our thanks, but also thanks from her club and region. Thank you, Dawn!

Dawn Moore with Certificate of Distinguished Service