Halliwick AST Awards ...

Halliwick AST and the clubs and groups that affiliate to us couldn’t operate without the contribution of countless people all working to make things happen.

Is there someone you know who has gone ‘above and beyond’ in what they do for Halliwick?

If there is, you can now nominate them for an award from Halliwick AST:

Honorary Life Membership of Halliwick AST may be bestowed on people who have made a particularly significant contribution, usually over a prolonged period of time, to Halliwick AST or within their Halliwick club or group.

An award of Distinguished Service may be given to recognise an individual who has given notable service, either to Halliwick AST or within an affiliated club or group, usually but not necessarily over a significant period of time.

A Certificate of Thanks may be given to anyone who has made a contribution to Halliwick AST or within a Halliwick club or group that deserves recognition and thanks.

If you’d like to nominate someone for an award, please download the nomination form by clicking on the button below, complete and return it. Halliwick AST will then consider your nomination.

We look forward to hearing from you!