Our competitions and galas …

Each year, clubs and Halliwick ASTRAs (regions) affiliated to Halliwick AST hold swimming galas and competitions at venues throughout the UK.

Through club and then regional galas, swimmers are competing for a place in our annual National Championships which are hosted, in turn, by a different Halliwick ASTRA (region) each year.

Congratulations to Halliwick ASTRA 15, who are the National Champions for 2018 following the National Championships hosted by Halliwick ASTRA 2 in Sevenoaks, Kent on 20 October 2018!

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If you are interested in running a competition or gala, here is a very brief introduction to swimming galas.

The Halliwick system of Timed-Handicapping (Race-Time Coordinating)

Our swimmers compete on a timed-handicapping basis, so that every swimmer has an equal chance in their race, remembering that we focus on ability in the water rather than disability on land.

This Introductory Guide is aimed to help the newcomer understand the basics of the racing system used in Halliwick competitions and galas.

The Halliwick AST National Competition Laws

Our competitions and galas are run according to the Halliwick AST National Competition Laws (Revised 2005). Supplementary rules apply to league competitions (see below).

If you want to run a competition or gala then you should obtain a copy of our competition laws which are available through our publications order form.  A Gala Organisation Pack is also available and can be obtained through the same form.

League Competitions

Some Halliwick ASTRAs (regions) also organise league competitions and the league final is held each year at the National Championships.  League rules vary slightly from and are supplementary to the Halliwick AST National Competition Laws.  A copy of the league rules can be downloaded here.