The Halliwick Association of Swimming Therapy (Halliwick AST) is a registered charity with the Charity Commission of England & Wales (registration number 250008).  You can click here to view its page on the Charity Commission website.

It is managed by its Trustees including its Executive Committee, under the terms of its Constitution (its governing document).

Annual reports for the year ending 31st December 2018 can be downloaded here.

Chair – William Wyatt (T)
Vice-Chair – Eric Dilley (T)
Secretary – vacant (Eric Dilley as Acting Secretary)
Acting Treasurer – Martyn Saville (by ‘Chair’s Action’ following AGM)
Halliwick ASTRA 1 Representative – Alison Skinner (T)
Halliwick ASTRA 2 Representative – Chris Davis (T) (by ‘Chair’s Action’ following AGM)
Halliwick ASTRA 5 Representative – Beryl Kelsey (T)
Halliwick ASTRA 8 Representative – vacant
Halliwick ASTRA 10 Representative – Pamela Wood (T)
Halliwick ASTRA 15 Representative – vacant
Education Committee Representative – Ann Gresswell (T)
Publications Committee Representative – Ann Thomson MBE (T)
Competitions Committee Representative – John Bentley (T)

President – Patrick Hastings
Vice-President – Ann Gresswell

Hon. Insurance Advisor – Eric Dilley
Hon. Solicitor – Nick Padfield (Hextalls Solicitors Limited)
Independent Examiner – Philip Crook FCA
IHA Representative – Ann Gresswell (or in her absence Ann Thomson)
National Coordinating Committee Representatives – Ann Gresswell and Ann Thomson
Association’s Data Protection Officer (DPO) – William Wyatt

Please email us here.  If you prefer, you can write to us by post, to:

Halliwick Association of Swimming Therapy
C/o ADKC Centre
Whitstable House
Silchester Road
London, W10 6SB, UK

Please note that the postal address is an administrative/correspondence address ONLY and no swimming activity takes place at this address.