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After the first 2 days of the Halliwick Foundation Course – “I have already put into practice a couple of the techniques shown last weekend with positive results.”

“After just the first weekend on the course, learning Halliwick technique enabled me to transform my swimming session and one of my parents noted that it had an instant positive effect on her child.”  Sally, teacher at a special school.

Halliwick AST offers a number of courses for those interested in either learning about the Halliwick Concept or qualifying as an instructor or lecturer.

You can find courses currently available here:

What do the courses involve? …

The Halliwick AST Foundation Course is the basic course in the Halliwick Concept, consisting of 4 days’ training (or its equivalent in hours), and includes both theory and pool work. Most courses are held over 2 weekends, but it is possible to run courses over a block of 4-day or over a series of evenings, if lecturers are available.

The aim of the Days 1 & 2 of training is to enable instructors to have a knowledge of and practice a concept of teaching people of all ages with special needs to be as competent and independent as possible in the water.

The aim of the Days 3 & 4 of training is to consolidate knowledge and practice gained over the first 2-days and to devise, plan and record groups and games to promote swimmer’s progress.

On completion of the Halliwick AST Foundation Course, a Certificate of Attendance is awarded.

To gain a Certificate of Competence (the Halliwick Instructor’s Certificate – HIC) the candidate must complete (after the Course) a minimum of 35 hours experience working with disabled swimmers and successfully complete an assessment. Further information will be given on the Course. (There may be expenses/a fee involved.)

The Halliwick AST Foundation Course is accredited by CERTA.  If a candidate wishes to gain CERTA credits, they must pass the Halliwick AST Instructor’s Certificate and complete the Course Workbook satisfactorily.  6 credits at level 2 are awarded. There may be a further fee/expenses involved for this.

There are 2 Halliwick AST Advanced Courses: (follow link for more information).

A pre-requisite for attending any of the Advanced Courses is that you have attended and completed a Halliwick Foundation Course.

 Course 1 – Halliwick AST Advanced Course Teaching and Applying Halliwick Skills (formerley ‘Advanced Teaching Course):

The general objectives of the Advanced Teaching Course are to prepare instructors to teach the pool work of the Halliwick Concept to potential helpers and instructors, and to lead group sessions competently at club sessions or on a course working with an IHA Recognised Lecturer. It will build on the skills and knowledge gained on the Foundation Course.

Course 2 – Halliwick AST Advanced Course for Therapists in paediatric neurological rehabilitation:

The aim of this course is to enable therapists to use the Halliwick Concept specifically in the context of therapy for children with neuro-developmental difficulties.

There are a number of other  courses that are being developed to support those working with different client groups.  Keep looking at this website for details of these or email us here.

These are intended to give a flavour of Halliwick.  There is more information here.

In addition to the training courses outlined above, we can offer speakers to give introductory talks and pool demonstrations, or to show a video, as a taster for a full course. Expenses of the speaker must be covered and there may be a fee required by the lecturer.  If you are interested in more information, then please email us here.