There are 2 Halliwick AST Advanced Courses …

(formerly the ‘Advanced Teaching Course’)

The general objectives of this course are to prepare Halliwick practitioners to teach the pool work of the Halliwick Concept to potential helpers and instructors and to lead group sessions competently at club sessions or on a course working with an IHA Recognised Lecturer. It will build on the skills and knowledge gained on the Foundation Course.

Learning Outcomes …

By the end of the course the participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate all the basic activities of the Ten Point Programme, including entries and exits, showing good mental adjustment and technique.
  • Demonstrate the Training Instructors role in supporting the swimmer during these basic activities.
  • Demonstrate ability in teaching the basic activities to other potential instructors and to tactfully correct supports when necessary.
  • Demonstrate ability in teaching the basic supports, how to maintain supports during activities, how to vary supports during activities and how to disengage.
  • Recognise faults and problems in all aspects and be able to correct them or find an acceptable solution.
  • Identify the various aspects of the Teaching Instructor role. Be able to prepare programmes for working in groups.
  • Understand how to devise new games and activities appropriate for the different abilities and age groups.
  • Lead group work in a pool situation in a structured, progressive and enjoyable way. Communicate with a group.
  • Recognise achievements of swimmers and instructors and be able to build on these.
  • Be aware of safety aspects. Plan and assess individual and group progression.
  • Details of any Advanced (Teaching & Applying Halliwick Skills) Courses being held can be found on the ‘Courses & Training’ tab on this website.

This course is to enable therapists to use the Halliwick Concept specifically in the context of therapy for children with neuro-developmental difficulties.

If a Halliwick AST Advanced Course is being arranged, details will be on the Halliwick website here and/or here.

If you are interested in organising a Halliwick AST Advanced Course, please email us here.