I am interested in the Halliwick AST Foundation Course …

This is the basic course in the Halliwick Concept, consisting of 4-days training (9.00am – 5.30pm or its equivalent in hours), and includes both theory and pool work. Courses can be held over 2 weekends, a block of 4 days or over a series of evenings, if lecturers are available.

  • The aim of the first 2 days (or its equivalent) of training is to enable instructors to have a knowledge of and practice a concept of teaching people of all ages with special needs to be as competent and independent as possible in the water.
  • The aim of the second 2 days (or its equivalent) of training is to consolidate knowledge and practice gained over the first 2-days and to devise, plan and record groups and games to promote swimmer’s progress.

If you are interested in attending a Halliwick AST Foundation Course, you should have a look here.

If you are interested in running a Halliwick AST Foundation Course, you should have a look here.

On completion of the Halliwick AST Foundation Course, a Certificate of Attendance is awarded.

To gain a Certificate of Competence (the Halliwick Instructor’s Certificate – HIC) the candidate must complete (after the Course) a minimum of 35 hours experience working with disabled swimmers and successfully complete an assessment. Further information will be given on the Course. (There may be expenses/a fee involved.)

The Halliwick AST Foundation Course is accredited by CERTA.  If a candidate wishes to gain CERTA credits, they must pass the Halliwick AST Instructor’s Certificate and complete the Course Workbook satisfactorily.  6 credits at level 2 are awarded. There may be a further fee/expenses involved for this.