Having successfully completed a Halliwick Foundation Course a participant is awarded the title of Halliwick Instructor Level One.

Instructors who wish to achieve Halliwick Instructor Level Two will need to be assessed for the award of Halliwick Instructor Certificate (HIC).

There are two levels of HIC. Successful applicants who hold the Yellow Badge will be awarded HIC Level Two Yellow and those who hold the Green Badge will be awarded HIC Level Two Green.

The Halliwick Instructors Certificate (HIC) is a certificate of competence.

Prerequisites for the HIC

1.    Attendance on a Foundation Course.

2.    Hold the Red and Yellow Badges.

3.    Sufficient experience using the Halliwick Concept to achieve a good level of competence.  Most of this experience must be gained teaching swimmers with a disability. This must be real practical experience of supporting a disabled swimmer.

4.    A recommendation from a chief instructor (within a Halliwick club) or from an experienced Halliwick practitioner. If neither of these options is possible, a request to be assessed can be sent to the Halliwick AST Education Committee by emailing here.

Where a physical disability precludes fulfilment of a prerequisite, an alternative may be found.


The process is:

  1. Viva on the Halliwick Concept;
  2. Presentation of a case report;
  3. Practical assessment.

Each component can be completed face-to-face or online.

(A Halliwick Instructor Level Two Yellow can become a Halliwick Instructor Level Two Green by passing the Green Badge and that person does not need to be reassessed for the practical or the viva.)

Details of the Badge Tests can be found in the Halliwick AST Publication ‘Teaching and Testing Halliwick AST Proficiency Badges’. To order this and other publications, you can download an order form here.

If you want to apply to be assessed for the Halliwick Instructors Certificate (HIC), you can download an application form here.