SwimmersIf you want to arrange a Halliwick AST Foundation Course …

This Summary of Information for Arranging a Halliwick AST Foundation Course (2019/2020) gives a basic outline of the main requirements to be met by those who want to arrange a Halliwick AST Foundation Course in the Halliwick Concept.

Before we can agree to the running of a Foundation Course, we need to make sure that your facilities are suitable.  Please download the Course Facilities Check Form and complete and return it (details of where to return it are on the form).

If your facilities are suitable, we will then get back to you asking you to fill out the Foundation Course Registration Form that you will need for registering your course.  Please do not complete this until you have completed and returned your facilities checklist and returned it to us and we have come back to you to say that your facilities are suitable.  It may be that if your facilities are not suitable, we will have another suggestion for you.

If your facilities are suitable and we agree that you can arrange a course, you will need a copy of How to Arrange a Halliwick Foundation Course (March 2019) which you should download.

You will also need to find a Recognised Lecturer to lecture on your course and here is a list of lecturers currently recognised in the UK by Halliwick AST.

If you want to arrange a Halliwick AST One-Day Introductory Workshop …

Then, take a look here.