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//Halliwick AST UK Course Dates
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Let’s go on a UK Halliwick AST Course …

If you have not done so already, please have a look here before you book for an overview of what the courses involve.

There are a couple of courses available at the moment …


October 2018 (4-day course) – see here for information.


November 2018 (4-day course) – see here for information.

  • The cost for a 4-day course will be a minimum of £400-00.
  • (The actual cost will vary on different courses because of the different costs incurred in different locations in the hiring of facilities.)
  • On certain courses the cost of the course may be reduced (at the discretion of the Course Organiser, for participants from clubs/groups/departments and  for personal affiliates) where the participant, their club/group/department has re-affiliated to Halliwick AST for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Contact the Course Organiser for the course you are interested in, for details of actual course cost if it is not published here.
  • ‘In-house’ courses can be arranged at your venue.  If you are interested, then please email us here.
  • One-day introductory workshops may also be available.  If you are interested, then please have a look here.