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Halliwick AST has produced a range of DVDs to support those working with the Halliwick Concept.

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In addition to the DVDs themselves, DVD scripts are available for free as downloadable PDF files – just follow the appropriate links on this page to download them.

Title Cost
Entries, Exits and Supports (Halliwick Concept) Produced 1996 £12.00
This DVD shows the Halliwick Concept in use with swimmers with disabilities.
Suitability: useful for therapists and in training volunteer helpers.
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Running time 22 mins
Activities On the Ten-Point Programme (Halliwick Concept) Produced 2006 £12.00
This is our latest DVD.
To be used in conjunction with ‘Entries, Exits and Supports (Halliwick Concept)’ (See above)
Suitability: useful for therapists, parents and in training volunteer helpers.
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Running time 32 mins
Another Kind Of Playground Produced 1993 £12.00
This DVD shows the use of the Halliwick Method (now ‘Concept’) in teaching swimming to children with Cerebral Palsy (many severely affected) at the Cheyne Centre in London. Children of all ages and disabilities learn to move freely and independently in water.
Suitability: this DVD will be of particular interest to parents and also therapists.
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Running time 26 mins
Breath Taking Produced 1988
(2006 minor revision)
This DVD was made to demonstrate how essential breath control is in all water activities. It shows many uses of this skill and ends with a Swimming Gala for people with disabilities.
Suitability: for all students of the Halliwick Concept
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Running time 22 mins
Water Free Produced 1975 £12.00
This was the first film to be made in the UK and shows water activities for Groups in a club session. It ends with a recap of the successful Relay Channel Swim in 1970.
Suitability: for therapists and people who might be in a position to provide facilities for water activities.
It should be recognised that the language of the commentary is not suitable for the 21st Century
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Running time: 32 mins
The Halliwick Method Produced 1970 £12.00
This film was made by ‘Mac’ during a course he was running for the Therapists in Norway.  ‘Mac’ explains the physics involved in the Halliwick Method (now ‘Concept’).  Group activities are demonstrated and finally, a boy with Cerebral Palsy is seen swimming independently – he had been trying to swim in a life jacket for 4 years!
Suitability: for therapists.
It should be recognised that the language of the commentary is not suitable for the 21st Century
Download Script
Running time: 24 mins