How to Become a Halliwick AST Lecturer …

General Guidelines

The Halliwick Association of Swimming Therapy (Halliwick AST) is committed to encouraging Instructors to become Lecturers. Only after attending a Halliwick AST Foundation Course and the Advanced Course (Teaching and Applying Halliwick Skills) may you register as a Trainee Lecturer.  The previous experience of Trainee Lecturers varies greatly, so there are no hard-and-fast rules in progressing to becoming a recognised lecturer.

The Halliwick AST Education Committee gives the following guidelines:

1    After completing a Foundation Course AND the Advanced Course (Teaching and Applying Halliwick Skills), register your intention to become a Trainee Lecturer, with:-

(i)            the Halliwick AST Course Registrar (Ann Thomson here)
(ii)          the International Halliwick Association (IHA) Registrar for Lecturers (Ann Gresswell here)

2    A Mentor will be asked to give you help and support during your training. Details on the role of the Mentor follow later.

3    At the discretion of the Lecturer/course organiser, you may be able to sit in, without payment of the fee, on any accredited Halliwick AST course run by the Association, – if you have already attended that course as a paying participant. Numbers may be restricted to 2 on each course.

4    The extent to which you assist on a course will depend on the Lecturer in charge of that course and your previous experience. The possibilities are:-

i)    Listen and observe.
ii)    Be Course Assistant.
iii)    Be a Pool Demonstrator

an extra person to make up the numbers in a pool session
be a ‘body’ for the Lecturer.

iv)    Give one or more lectures and supervise a group in the pool session.
5    You may, if you wish, attend National Education Committee meetings and seminars.

Contact the Education Secretary for details. Enquire from your Regional secretary about Regional meetings. If you attend the meetings, you will receive the Minutes.

6    You will receive Halliwick AST Newsletters and Information Updates. Some of the information in previous Updates is still relevant. Your Mentor should be able to make back copies available to you.

7    You will also receive the IHA Education and Research Committee Information Updates.

8    You can apply to attend International Seminars.

Gaining experience

During your training you may wish to borrow books, videos and lecturing equipment (e.g. effects of water models). These may be available from your Mentor or the Course Lecturer.

Acquiring everything you need to lecture takes time, so if you intend lecturing independently, start collecting!

You have a choice of training with one particular Lecturer or more than one. You are strongly advised to get experience with more than one Lecturer and at different venues.

Experience to be gained in a club or group

  • Instructing swimmers and leading groups
  • Teaching pool work to new helpers, as a training instructor
  • Giving lectures/talks at club level
  • Attend study days
Personal training/attainment

Attend the following courses and gain as many of the qualifications as possible:

  • Assessor’s course
  • Lecturer’s course
  • Halliwick Instructor’s Certificate (HIC) (This is a pre-requisite for assessment)
  • Teaching Instructor’s Certificate (TIC) (This is strongly recommended)
  • Group Leader’s Certificate (GLC)
  • Course Assistant / Pool Demonstrator (CAPD)

Experience to be gained on courses

(in addition to that listed previously)

  1. Become familiar with the PowerPoint Presentations that your Mentor will supply you with for the lectures you will be delivering on a course and think about your own examples to illustrate the lecture. If you prefer to write your own material you must submit the lecture notes and audio visual aids to the Lecturer at least 2 weeks prior to the course, so he/she can check them, and make suggestions if required.
  2. Give prepared lecture under supervision. Complete the assessment sheet.
    The Lecturer may need to clarify some points of the lecture to course participants.
  3. When you and the Mentor think you are ready to be assessed the Mentor will contact the Halliwick AST Education Secretary for an assessor to be organised for the next course you are lecturing on.

For full details of the process, your Mentor can organise for you to have a copy of ‘Training & Assessment for Halliwick Lecturing’ (there will be a cost for this).

Download this page as a PDF here.