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Title Issue Cost
Assessment of Competence Certificates
Quick Look   | Download an application form for an Assessment of Competence here
2022 £6.00
Distance Learning Handbook for the Training of Assessors 2012 £6.00
Teaching & Testing Halliwick AST Proficiency Badges
Quick Look
2019 £6.00
Swimming Pool Safety – Guidelines On Safety Issues for Halliwick Pool Sessions
Quick Look
2018 £6.00
Guidelines For Manual Handling Tasks At the Swimming Pool –
Implications of the 1992 Manual Handling Regulations Quick Look
2018 £6.00
‘Safe to Swim’ – Information for Clubs On the Protection of Vulnerable People
Quick Look
2018 £6.00
Swimming Songs – Songs To Assist In Teaching Halliwick (Includes 2 CDs With Songs) Quick Look 2011 £8.00
Swimming Games & Activities – Games and Activities To Assist In Teaching Halliwick Quick Look 2011 £6.00
Gala Organisation Pack 2018 £6.00
‘No Fear’ – A Self-Help Programme for People Who Want To Overcome a Fear of Water Quick Look 2011 £6.00
Swimming Pool Design – Accessibility for All Quick Look 2018 £6.00
Programme Ideas For Pool Sessions Quick Look 2011 £6.00
S.W.I.M. – Swimming & Water Independence Measurement
Quick Look
 2016 £6.00
Suggested Policies & Procedures for Clubs & Groups (Free to Affiliated Members – email here to request) 2018 £6.00