We have all missed being able to get into the swimming pool …

Whilst we are here to support those who affiliate with us, we are sure you will appreciate that, given the diversity of the clubs that affiliate with us, each with their own very unique membership and individual circumstances, it is an impossible task to give you ‘one size fits all’ guidance as to precisely when and how you should re-open your club. Ultimately, when and how you re-open is a decision for your club’s trustees and/or executive/management committee in collaboration with the management at your pool/leisure centre.

What is certain is that in order to safely start swimming again, clubs will have to be run a bit differently to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

We have put together some general guidance as to how things might be different and to set out some of the things you will need to consider and steps you will need to take to manage the re-opening of your club.

You should only re-open your club in collaboration with management at your pool/leisure centre and only when, with regard to the particular circumstances of your club and the people in it, it is safe and appropriate to.

You can download a summary factsheet, fuller guidance (both in PDF format) and the forms that appear at the end of the guidance (in Word format) by following the links below.

Summary Factsheet
Guidance for Clubs Returning After Lockdown
Example Risk Assessment
Club Member Questionnaire
Club Member Consent Form
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It is an unfortunate fact that we are all likely to have to learn to live with Covid-19 for some time to come. As guidance develops, we will do our best to update this page and the documents on it.

Equally, as you start to re-open your club and develop ways of operating, you may have suggestions that could help others. Please contact us if you have any suggestions. You can email us here or even join our Facebook Group and join in the discussion. Click on the button above and get involved!


This page : 22/07/2020

Summary Factsheet : 22/07/2020

Guidance Document : 18/07/2020

Example Risk Assessment : 15/07/2020

Club Member Questionnaire : 15/07/2020

Club Member Consent Form : 18/07/2020