If you want to translate or reproduce our publications or other materials ...

Halliwick AST provides a range of publications to promote the use of the Halliwick Concept.

Unless expressly stated otherwise on this website, we allow the translation and reproduction of our publications and other material only in accordance with our policy on translation and reproduction and with our prior agreement.

Prior to translating or reproducing our publications or other materials, you must agree to abide by our Reproduction and Translation Policy which can be downloaded here.

This will ensure that you have the current edition in the most appropriate format.

If, having read our translation and reproduction policy, you agree to it and want to translate or reproduce any of our publications or other material, please download our Translation & Reproduction Agreement, print it off, complete and sign in panel (2) and return it to Halliwick AST  here for agreement and counter-signing.  If the translation/reproduction is agreed, we will return a countersigned copy  to you for your records.

If you have any queries about translation and/or reproduction of Halliwick AST material, please email us here.